Listen to This Powerful Hypnotic Voice Over A 5 minute animation exercise taken from a series of unique training programs developed by to protect against computer injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and to relieve wrist and finger pain.

For people spending many hours at their computer.

What is Desk-Trainer? A library of over 40 deceptively simple exercises are targeted at specific areas of the body to: - overcome aches and pains, - increase strength, flexibility, and - reverse the signs of aging. 

Your level of vitality is directly connected to your brain. When your brain thrives, growing and making new connections, you are invigorated, infused with a new sense of aliveness and possibility, capable of infinitely new ways of moving, thinking, and feeling.


Current research conclusively proves that short, frequent micro-breaks accompanied by some physical activity during the work day significantly reduce the rate and risk of computer injuries and Repetitive Strain injury (RSI). These breaks also contribute substantially to productivity. The 5 minute movement exercises developed by Desk-Trainer not only provide a break with some physical activity, but also provide immediate transformation from old, limiting neuro-muscular patterns into effective pain-free ways of sitting and moving, thus preventing carpal tunnel syndrome.

A Cornell University press release (Sept. 24, 1999) stated: "When workers heed the computer's reminder to take a break, their productivity jumps."  Workers who used computer software to remind them occasionally to assume good posture, take short breaks and occasionally stretch, do more accurate work and as a result are more productive, according to a new Cornell University study (Prof. Alan Hedge - Director of Cornell's Human Factor and Ergonomics Faculty).
In his study, Hedge found that workers receiving the alerts were 13% more accurate on average in their work than coworkers who were not reminded. The improvement in work accuracy reflects an overall 1% jump in worker's total productivity during the 5 week test period. 

"The results are conclusive. People can measurably improve their computer productivity and substantially reduce their risk of Repetitive Stress Injury if they would simply work smarter", Hedge says.
Combining cutting-edge neuroscience, the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, and her own method, based on more than thirty years of experience working with thousands of people around the world, Clinical Psychologist and Brain Plasticity expert Anat Baniel has designed these exercises to provide dramatic results - often showing improvement in one or two repetitions of a single exercise.  - Click Here Now keep fit at the office!