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We Are What We Eat
Phillip Skinner

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By Phillip Skinner
Published on 05/14/2010
We're what we eat true - It is really a fact that the foods served at fast food chains have low dietary values. There is really no nutritional content material to those oily, overly-fried burgers and fries. They won't be able to give you powerful bones and muscle tissues. What they are able to give you is unwanted fats and maybe even heart disease. For you personally to become in a position to steer clear of becoming overweight, obtaining a coronary heart illness or diabetes, ditch these unhealthy foods now. If you like eating at quick food chains, break the habit. It's easier stated than carried out, of course, but just believe about how a lot your body will probably be much better off without individuals junk.

Ensure to eat fruits and vegetables everyday. Oh, you ought to not only watch what you consume, but that which you consume as well. Do not drown your self in sodas, fizzy drinks and individuals lattes or mocachino. An excessive amount of carbonated drink and caffeine isn't good for the physique. Drink as a lot h2o as you are able to daily. You can by no means go incorrect with refreshing fruit juices, too. If you like meat, then you are able to turn to chicken and fish instead of consuming too much beef and pork.

If you wish to start eating right, there's no better time to start that now. Integrate food with dietary value into your every day menu. You will not have a hard time studying about various meals and what they are able to contribute for your well being. Make your existence more healthy with these incredible recipes. Now what do you believe individuals would say if your diet plan consists of junk meals? Take a healthy step towards scrumptious meals and new tastes! Imagine how your physique would react whenever you eat the right sorts of meals! Do not forget, you're what you consume!

Eating Healthier at Work
When it comes to working away from home there is always the problem of what to eat for lunch. Do you ask a co-worker to bring you something back from the local fast food chain, or do you grab a donut out of the break room and munch away at you desk quietly hoping no one is watching? No, what you do is purchase a thermos and some low calorie soups, or the microwavable meals that you just heat and eat. You do not succumb to the wants and desires of what the office atmosphere offers you.

Many of us who work in an office environment tend to adopt bad eating habits. We either eat at our desk or run out to the nearest fast food joint. When we do this, we encourage poor eating habits and unavoidable weight gain. This is not the way it should be; we can have more control over our intakes and more self control over temptations.

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Unhealthy eating is something we all do, but do you know the long-term effects?  What else is undermining your health besides unhealthy eating?The number one way to avoid poor eating habits is to never eat at your desk. Not only can your desk accumulate millions of bacteria, but it also allows you to lose focus of what and how much you have eaten. When we eat at our desk, we are usually answering the phone, writing emails or shuffling through papers. We don’t pay any attention to our portion size or calorie intake. That is why it is very important not to make eating at your desk a habit. It’s bad enough that you have to sit there for 8 hours, why make it 9? Another way to eat healthier at work is to bring your own lunch. Yes, brown bagging your lunch is extremely wise. Not only do you have a better idea of how many calories you are consuming, but you also completely eliminate your odds of ending up at a fast food joint during your lunch break. Also, when packing your own lunch, you can get very creative. You can bring a sandwich with chicken salad or salmon, nuts, beans, veggies, fruits, etc.

Furthermore, when at work, you should try to avoid snacking. If you are allowed an afternoon snack or free run of when to run off to the break room you should make sure to bring a healthy alternative to what may be laying around. Any office is bound to have morning pastries or a bowl of candy so be sure to avoid the temptation to snack. Bring an apple with you instead. The fiber in the apple will curb your appetite for hours and provide you with energy. These are just a few healthy eating habits at work.

It is not hard to avoid these temptations when you bring your own food, what is hard is making sure you don’t forget your own lunch so wake up a little earlier or make you something the night before but never come to work unprepared it is just weight gain waiting to happen and totally unavoidable.