From the point of view of the common man, the prevailing conditions of your knees, ankles and hips must be the conclusive criterion before choosing to squat. Seek the help of a personal trainer and listen to his instructions carefully. A bad workout brings more damage than benefit.

A personal trainer would surely be aware that the power in your body originates at the core and the hips. Heavier squats would thus trigger your body to release more growth hormones and testosterone. Needles to say, these two are the most vital ingredients for muscle building. Contrary to this fact, we are more interested in building our biceps? Why? Simply because we can flaunt them! Should you feel more interested in augmenting your overall power and strength, the squat has no deputy.

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The release of the testosterone and the growth hormones during a squat would make you feel hungry. It is almost as if your brain is continuously sending a signal to consume more. This would eventually lead to the repairing of your damaged cells.

The personal trainer should know, how effectively to make you learn the squat. Prior to imparting the squat lesson to the client, the trainer himself should be able to squat properly to demonstrate. Seeing the trainer perform the squat would have an unforgettable impression on the clients’ mind. Simply put, the trainer is not yet ready to train his clients if he is unable to exhibit a correct bodyweight squat.

A fitness trainer who is able to squat accurately would surely be able to teach you properly. This is because he is familiar with the possible problems that you can experience during squats. They can also predict them. He would then be able to correct your posture and also make the requisite modification.

If you are able to squat correctly right away, prior to seeking any help from your personal trainer, you would probably improve your fitness level quickly. Nevertheless, you would still need to master your exercises in a chain. You should also perform them correctly and regularly. The leg press, smith machine, leg curl and leg extension machines — or for that matter any machine — has no place in your squat regime. In fact, your trainer must teach you reverse lunge and the split squat, sans machines.

Should you find any difficulty in performing squats, please never use high repetition sets. This would lead you to perform even more terrible repetitions. Make sure that your personal trainer stresses more on quality than quantity while teaching you the proper way to squat.

Remember, one of the toughest exercises to perform is the squat. They are not for the weak built. One might not have that body to withstand squats though where thighs are concerned, squat is the king.
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Welcome to the squat which is supposed to make you stronger than other exercises.

Fitness trainers say, body-builders best build their thigh muscles through the squat. In fact, researches have revealed that during squats, over 200 different muscles of your body are exercised.The squat is often taken to be the ideal workout which stimulates a positive hormone response. Studies conducted by many universities have revealed that the mass of the upper body increases while performing a squat.

All said and done, squat is never an exercise you would give a miss, unless you carry an old injury. In such cases, consult a sports medicine specialist first.