Quit smoking is an option that probably crossed every smoker’s mind at one point. If it did, maybe now it’s the time to make that change in your life. The negative effects on smoking are widely spread and known by all smokers, and yet they have no influence over them. Even if the information comes with pictures of destroyed lungs, yellow teeth or babies with malformation it still has no impact on smoker. So the next question is what should happen in a smoker’s life to make him finally take the decision and quit smoking?

The most common cases of people who quit smoking are when something bad happens to a relative or a friend because smoking. Seeing your father having a heart attack is not a pretty view and can influence even the most insensitive person. But is that really necessary? Why can’t people find the strength in themselves to quit smoking without waiting for a tragedy to happen?

Smoking has a bad influence not just on yourself, but on your family that is forced to breath the smoke from your cigarettes as well and on your children that see you smoking and have the tendency of copying your actions. It has been scientifically proven that children who have smoking parents are more likely to start smoking themselves, so do you want to put your children at the same risk you are taking, or do you want to quit smoking?

Quit smoking can have a good effect not only on your health, but on your appearance as well. You will be able to keep your teeth white, your fingernails will not be yellow anymore and you will be able to smell like perfume instead of smoke.
Nowadays there are so many ways one can quit smoking. You can try to buy an electrical cigarette that provides the same taste, flavor and feeling as a regular tobacco cigarette, but has no other damaging substances but nicotine and has no smoke. You ca also try quit smoking hypnosis, an alternative treatment that might work for you. Or you can simply stop; quit smoking and force yourself to get rid of this bad habit.

Although it might sound naïve, quit smoking is just another challenge you have to face. I am sure that many smoker have some hard situations in life that they handled very well, then why not this one? It’s only up to you, you have the necessary resources to do that, you know that smoking is bad for you, you can get professional help, you can find an alternative to smoking like nicotine patches or electrical cigarettes, and you have a wide range of options you can choose from. It takes just a little effort and a lot of will, and considering the life choices everyone makes in their lifetime, this is nothing. Stop waiting for something awful to happen and stop lying to yourself that you are going to quit tomorrow. So are you going to quit smoking well here you go there is not a better time like now? Quit Smoking Today with NLP