There is nothing new about exercise. The body has changed very little physically in thousands of years.  The same number of muscles, joints and the same joint limitations.  So not a lot more can be explored as far as positioning goes.

What can be altered is the way we approach these movements, no jerking or bouncing shock absorbing problems and the safety of working within the body’s potential and of course, involvement of the mind.
Approach these exercises as a newcomer with fresh interest and curiosity, follow instructions closely and assume the following criteria.

a) The body and mind are one and if integrated allow us to enjoy greater potential
The body runs on an energy flow as well as the scientifically accepted means of blood and nerve supply.
We are put on this earth to learn – explore – expand and eventually to teach that which we have learned.
Within all of us is a greatness waiting to come out.
We all interconnect with every other person, animal and plant on this earth.

In ancient times, survival was of utmost importance and our “limbic or balancing awareness system” gives us vital information in times of danger and, if attuned properly to avoid danger before it occurs. This is how man evolved and became the ruler of this planet.

Intuitive thought is man’s birthright over animals and plants.

But with the coming of science and its demand over logical calculations – our intuitive powers dwindled and also the need for keen awareness skills, using our five senses.  A telescopic sight on a powerful rifle can dispense with a good sense of smell to hunt prey.

 It is estimated that as few as 10% still function normally at the intuitive level and with psychosomatic disease estimated to effect 90% of the population it is easy to calculate who are the ones most likely to suffer.

 The following movements loosen the restrictions and tensions created by the robot like movements of the body and also loosen memory/trauma connections between muscles and the brain, often the precursor of many abnormal muscle and organ problems if left to persist.

Your life force and mind exist in what I call the Fish, which is explained in the article “THE FISH”.

 As you loosen the body with ALPHACISE, you reconnect your mind with the limbic system, making available knowledge long forgotten to “bring us back to our senses”.

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