We interpret this visualisation as our real world,Body-Mind Integration

Integration can only occur when we become aware of our sensory apparatus.  Our brains manufacture visualisations from incoming information from our sensory apparatus. we interpret this visualisation as our real world, e.g. Hostile people live in a hostile world, happy people live in a happy world, Rich people don’t appreciate poverty, and healthy people don’t appreciate sickness.

If our world is made up from this information, then it is constructed.  Therefore to change the way we think and act we need to change the way we construct, by increasing the awareness of our sensory apparatus and re-establishing contact with our imaginative and intuitive powers (both qualities of the right brain) we experience our potential as humans.

Our movement, thinking patterns, postural habits, energy flow, organ health and innate abilities will be expanded. our brains store information in a maze like fashion or a labyrinth.  Thousands of pieces of information come in every second and are connected to already known information,  we then act on the congruently connected information if it is experienced as being right for us.

The less we use our sensory apparatus the duller it becomes, and if we are out of balance this inhibits gait movements as in walking with the opposite leg and arm, our movements become confused and Homo lateral, messages going to the same arm and leg or other muscles.

This phenomena is called switching and our nervous system, energy system and muscular system all go out of kilter.  Movement is robotic and unbalanced.
this leaves us out of integration and susceptible to strains. By training in body-mind integration exercises we balance the body and increase our sensory channels. feed back is increased and we exercise our brains in its labyrinth network fashion.  This leads to lateral and diagonal-thinking patterns that give many options that make us more creative and intuitive.

There's a Methodology to Training Towards Body-Mind Integration Ageability ... One day you wake up at a certain age and wonder how your body is feeling today just before you slide out of your bed with ease or dis-ease, are there any aches or pains that might stop you in your tracks and stop you doing

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