Ok, so I hope by now we have learned that weight loss is not possible without proper nutrition and exercise. I am sure you hate doing exercises just as much as the next average Joe, but it is very important to stay active. Weight loss does not happen overnight and you cannot lose those 20 pounds simply from taking a weight loss pill Losing weight involves exercise as well as proper nutrition. During the fall season you should go outside and rake leaves. You do not have to rake all the leaves at once, but instead, try raking for 10 minutes and then take a short break. Do this about 3 times and you will have a half hour of exercise while at the same time cleaning up your yard. Even when the snow begins to fall, do not shovel your entire driveway all at once. Instead, try shoveling in 10 minute intervals with little breaks in between to catch your breath. Doing exercises like these in little spurts help get your heart rate up and get your blood flowing. It is important to get our heart rates up during exercise because it keeps our hearts strong. Do not over exert yourself and get your heart rate up so high you can’t breathe. Power walking, jogging, sprinting a short distance, or jumping jacks is an easy way to get your heart pumping.

The point here is simply to get your heart pumping. A strong heart regulates blood flow better and is vital for good health. Remember to drink a lot of water and drink a sports drink when working out. The average person should get around 80 ounces of water daily. Try to stay away from pop, coffee, and others with carbonation and sugar. Another easy exercise you can do year round is walking more. Quit trying to find the closest parking spot to the grocery store. Park way out in the middle of the parking lot and force yourself to walk the extra distance. Do not use harsh weather as an excuse to park closer. Get the motivation and determination to want to be healthier. Believe in yourself because you are exercising for the benefit of your OWN health.

If you like to dance you may consider purchasing some dance tapes to really get into shape. There are some dance tapes out there that will really whip you into shape quick. Try riding your bike more often to work your legs and get your heart pumping. You can even your bike indoors provided you have the right equipment to allow your bike to become a stationary. If you have the time and money, try visiting a local gym for a month or two to begin getting into shape. I find that if you were paying to attend a gym, it might give you more incentive to want to work out. Even yoga is a great form of working out. The idea to exercising does not mean plan an entire day, every day, to work out and get fit. Just become more active and capture any opportunity to get a little more exercise. I promise this will make you feel better, even if you still are overeating.

Now keep fit at the office, we help you get moving! If you sit at your desk, at your computer, on the phone, for most of the day at work, now you don't have to turn into a "desk-potato"! Instead, you can use our Simply Fit Exercise Reminder, and get up and move your body for a few minutes several times a day. It even tells you exactly which exercise to do, and how to do it! Of course we send it to you configured for a popular set of times and exercises, so you don't have to do any customizing if you don't want to.

It couldn't be Easier! Oh, and did we mention Fun?  - Like we said, Fun and Easy!