Do you take utmost care of your eyes? Maybe you aren’t because causing strain to your eyes and staring at something is also one of the worst things to do since it damages the eyes. Long stressful days demand some rest for your eyes so that the vision can be restored to its actual capabilities. Your vision can be damaged if you carry on straining your eyes everyday. So can you really improve your eyesight by natural methods? Most people think damaged eyes mean they need glasses or some laser treatment, but few think of the possibilities of using simple eye exercises to restore one’s eyesight.

UV Blocking Anti-Eye Strain Clip On Eyeware Most people are aware that exercising is good for the body since it ensures you have a healthy body. Some people just neglect the eyes thinking that they don’t need to be exercised, but that’s the wrong mentality since eyesight can be restored by doing daily exercises to keep them fit as well and disease-free. Some exercises have been scientifically proven to be good for improving eyesight and also preventing eye problems, hence reducing dependence on spectacles.

One eye exercise you can practice to help improve your eyesight is called the ‘word exercise’. All it requires you to do is to look at a phrase of any text which isn’t shorter than four alphabets in length, and then concentrate on the full phrase in order to catch the most appropriate image that it produces in your brain. Once more and the word becomes blurred when you try to gaze and firmly focus on it.

It’s quite important you do eyesight improving exercises since they present the only natural method of achieving elasticity of the eye muscles and strengthen them. They also help diffuse the tension the eye muscles experience when you’re reading or working on the computer. On the overall basis, your exercises will be best for your eyes and you will be able to retain your natural ability for the eyes to focus on things at a short distance as well far away. Eye tension causing anxiety and sometimes headaches is reduced as well if you devote yourself to some natural eye exercises, hence preventing the ill effects of ageing eyes.

The Bates method’s something that’s recommended for eye exercises and according to it, the first one you can start with is ‘palming’. All you have to do is to cover your eyes with your palms keeping the eyes closed and gently massaging each eyeball slowly. You’ll have keep moving your eyes up and down and from right to left both anticlockwise and clockwise. Another exercise is where you move a pencil or your finger from your nose tip to a distance of about an arm’s length slowly and follow this movement with your eyes. Then close your eyes and keep it squeezed as tightly as you can and you’ll feel the eye muscles contracting. Repeat ten times for each exercise. Relax your eyes after the exercises by blinking continuously for a while.
Do you take utmost care of your eyes Maybe you aren’t because causing strain to your eyes and staring at something is also one of the worst things to do since it damages the eyes