My sisters and I were supposed to have our first cruise only thirty days in to the new fitness program. The health and fitness vacation was drawing closer and closer and so did my anxiety. I could not help but keep on fantasizing about the trip. It was to be on a cruise boat, with different dining being the order of the day. Similarly, it would be a great challenge as I did not want to regain all the weight I had lost.

Therefore, I had no option but to result to a health and fitness vacation. My main goal was to keep fit as well as enjoy my vacation to the maximum. It required prior planning and great commitment. However, I would not have managed to follow my schedule were it not for the three secrets that made my health and fitness vacation a great success.

Do not lose focus.

Any health and fitness vacation needs great focus so as to attain your goal. The main point as to why you are involving fitness programs into your vacation should be well known. This is because vacation time is meant for relaxing, enjoying fellowship, meeting new friends and people, trying new things and shopping. Generally, vacation time is the period when you deviate from your usual day to day activities and routines of life.

Eat what is best for you.

The second secret is to avoid eating as if you are in an eating competition. Substitute the common caloric drinks with water. At the end of the day, you will notice that you spent less money, stayed hydrated and avoided taking unneeded calories. Your health and fitness vacation should be accompanied by mental discipline up to dining discipline. Whenever you take your meal in a restaurant, do not eat more that you should, just because you have paid for it. Tell the waiter to assist you with a doggie bag and take the excess food home. Better still, you can share the meal for two or three people.

During health and fitness vacation, the “I do not care” attitude is what will serve as your greatest enemy. Avoid deserts as most of them have hundreds and hundreds of calories in only one dish. To maintain your good process, keep them away completely.

Always be on the move.

The last secret to ensure your health and fitness vacation goes as planned is to make sure that your body is moving. This is irrespective of whether you are seated on a bench, are travelling on a boat, or something of the sort. Never let your body lie lazily whether you are busy or not. Fifteen minutes of rest will ruin your health and fitness vacation completely. Do regular physical exercises every now and then without giving up.

Similarly, you can walk, go for hiking or biking. Nonetheless, you should not work as if you are in an army barrack. At the end of the whole period, your health and fitness vacation should be an enjoyable experience.

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