Fruits are considered to have highly dietetic value and they hold a fantastic source of essential minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and phyto nutrients. Normally, if you want to find out all the benefits of these natural medicines, you would need to go through several nutrition articles. I can’t list all the resources I have gone through to find out which fruits are the best for you and are the most nutritionally crammed, (There’s a lot) but I will do my best to lay out the a few fruits that I, personally, feel are the best.

Some fruits that are packed with high nutritional content include apples, bananas, fresh apricots, dried apricot, berries (all of ‘em), dried figs, dates, cherries, peaches, lemons, guava, strawberries, watermelon and lots more. The fruit facts state that all these fruits can be digested easily by human bodies, and they all act as excellent cleansing tools for your blood and digestive system.

- The Fruit Facts and Their Nutritional Value -

• Apple: When having a look at nutrition articles on the internet, you will likely find that apples are the fruit that contains highest dietary content: 80-100 calories, flavonoids, potassium, phenolic compounds, and various other antioxidant phytochemicals. Taking an average sized apple a day will lower your insulin emission; decrease the bad cholesterol in your blood; lessen the risks of lung cancer; and help to flush out all toxins from your body.

• Bananas: Bananas are especially helpful to sports-people or athletes because of the electrolyte and potassium content they come packed with. They quickly refill potassium stores in the body and contain large quantities of the B vitamins and folic acid. Bananas diminish the risks of heart disease as well as kidney and breast cancers.

• Watermelon: Watermelon is absolutely perfect for hot summer days. As per fruit facts, in addition to quenching thirst, this fruit takes care of some of the main dietary needs of body. Although 90% of watermelon holds water, it consists of a great amount of minerals (calcium, magnesium, fluoride, iron, sodium and potassium) and vitamins (Vitamin C, B6, B5, B9, B2, B1 and Vitamin A).

• Raspberries: According to several nutrition articles, raspberries have huge value, not only for flavor and taste, but for nutrition too. Antioxidants found in raspberries aid in deterring damage to cell membranes by deactivating the damaging effects of free radicals. Retaining a good amount of ‘Vitamin C’, they are rich in nutritional fiber too, making them very helpful for optimal well-being and health. Low on calories and sodium, raspberries are a fantastic addition for any diet. Some other raspberry benefits include heart health, prevention of age related macular degeneration, cancer protection and inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

• Maqui Berry: Not the easiest berries to get your hands on but HIGHLY nutritious. More antioxidant content than any known fruit, 2-4 times as much as acai berries. Great for assistance in weight loss due to its strong detoxifying qualities. High in vitamin C, calcium, iron and more essential nutrients. Maqui also has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. An excellent option for anyone suffering from joint or bone inflammation.

• Avocado: Avocado is also quite famous due to the rich content of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which makes it an excellent anti oxidant. The fruit also traces lots of essential minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium, selenium, copper, zinc, sodium, phosphorus, and manganese. Skin care and hair care are other major benefits mentioned in nutrition articles; the paste of avocados can be applied on rough skin or skin rashes to make the skin soft and smooth.

Incorporate fruits and vegetables in your daily diet and add years to your life. It definitely will improve your efforts to stay in good physical shape for longer.