The Stick company is a world leader in creating self massage sticks. These massage sticks are devices made of a core in which 1-inch spindles rotate. These stick products were made to help massage deeply into the muscle where normal massage products cannot reach.

The Stick company has produced several types of massage sticks for various uses. Massage sticks have been created for weightlifters, runners, those with a lot of muscle mass, those with little muscle mass, and everyone in between. They even help relieve arthritis and chronic muscle pain.

The most popular massage product is the Original Body Stick. As the name implies, the Original Body Stick was the first massage product created by the Stick company. It works great for the average sized male or female. It is 24 inches long and has 15 independent spindles within a plastic rod. It is flexible enough to conform to your muscle shape, but firm enough to provide enough pressure and compression to massage even the deepest muscle tissues.

The Original Body Stick has gained worldwide notoriety. It has been seen in USA Today, Inside the NFL on HBO, within popular running and weightlifting magazines, and even in medical journals. These self massage products are not some cheap, imitation that is peddled online just to make a dollar. These massage sticks have had years of research put into them to make them the best self massage product you can find.

So who uses the Original Body Stick? Well, let’s take a look at who uses it the most.

The Body Stick is used a great deal in health care. In fact, its original purpose was to help physicians and chiropractors stimulate the deep muscle tissues. They help prepare the muscles for extra therapeutic procedures and are great at finding those myofascial trigger points. Trigger points are the places where your muscles have tensed up and formed a knot. Identifying and correcting these trigger points are the key to muscle relaxation and healing.

The Original Body Stick has also become very popular among athletes. High school, college, professional, and even Olympic athletes use these massage sticks to help enhance their physical capabilities. Teams such as the New York Knicks, the Denver Broncos, and the San Diego Padres all recommend using the sticks. Athletes use these massage products because it helps warm up the muscles without using a lot of energy that needs to be saved for competition. The Original Body Stick helps stretch the muscle, and again removes the trigger points that hinder proper muscle use.

Corporations and companies also utilize the Original Body Stick, especially in the manufacturing sector. Miller Brewing, Anheuser-Busch, and 3M Companies are just a few businesses that recommend that their employees to use The Stick products. It helps the workers warm up their muscles before intense activity, and it is great for relieving stress. It also helps prevent injury which, in turn, reduces insurance claims and workers compensation.

Thankfully The Stick’s products are very well priced. You won’t have to pay much at all to get the extreme benefits that these massage products offer. Whether you exercise a great deal, suffer from stress at work, or just ensure chronic muscle pain, the Original Body Stick was made to help fix your muscle problems.

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