Adding some cardio exercises to your fitness and exercise plan can be extremely beneficial. These types of exercises not only raise your heart rate, but also maintain it for a designated period of time. These types of exercises are extremely useful for maintaining good fitness. This is because it not only increases the capacity of the lungs, but it also strengthens the heart. These types of exercises also burn calories, and help the body maintain a healthy metabolism. In addition to these specific health and fitness benefits, cardio exercises also help you relax and sleep, because these exercises are very effective at reducing stress levels.

Whether you are new to cardio exercises, or a pro just adding a few more exercises to your daily routine, there are plenty of cardio exercise activities from which to choose. One of the easiest exercises is just plain walking. You can of course increase the effectiveness of your cardio exercise workout by "speed walking", but if you don't want to do that, rest assured that just plain old brisk walking will still be effective. Walking is easy for almost anybody, and can be enjoyed by every age group. It's simple to do, effective, and you don't need any special equipment. Of course, you can also take your cardio exercise workout up another notch by running instead of walking or speed walking. Many people enjoy adding a daily run to their cardio workout, not only because it is good exercise, but also because it is so invigorating, especially in the morning. Whether you are running, speed walking, or just walking at a brisk pace, you'll also find that it helps to reduce daily stress.

Another great cardio exercise is swimming. Although many people think of swimming as being mainly a summer activity, the fact is there are many indoor swimming pools that you can enjoy year-round. You might also be lucky enough to have a home swimming pool that is long enough for you to do laps. Regardless of where you swim, it is a great cardio exercise that is not only fun, but is a good activity for those who have joint problems, or those who are trying to avoid or recover from stress injuries.

Bicycling is another cardio exercise that is enjoyed by many people. You can engage in bicycling either outdoors on a real bicycle, or indoors on a stationary bicycle. It is great for cardiovascular fitness, and is easy to do and fun. If you have both a regular bicycle for when the weather is good, and an indoor stationary bicycle for bad weather, you'll have all of your cardio exercise bases covered.

Another easy cardio exercise is step aerobics. There are special step devices which you can buy to do these types of exercises, but all you really need is are the stairs within your home. In addition to being a great cardio exercise workout, these exercises are also great for increasing the fitness of your legs, hips and buttocks.

Regardless of the cardio exercise you choose, you will find that not only will you increase your level of fitness, but you'll also feel much better as a result.

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