Some simple ideas to Make Your Thighs, Butt and Legs Look Picture Perfect

You may have dreamed of making your butt, legs and things slim and sexy, but have not succeeded in it. The main reason for this is improper workouts, regularity and diet. If you lack them, then you will not succeed. Other than dreaming for it, you should make it an objective and make efforts to achieve them. Most people are happy in simply dreaming, rather than planning and motivating their levels to achieve their dreams. Having lethargic attempts will not help you to land up anywhere.

The following are some ideas to help you to keep you motivated to get better lower body assets:

1.Start maintaining a record/diary:

Do not simply plan out a workout in your mind. Maintain it by writing it down on a diary. Every morning look at your diary to help you to stick by your workout plan. Try to follow your schedule religiously. Do not take it lightly and think that it is only written. Read it with an open mind and try to maintain it. This suggestion will assist you to realise what you are thinking mentally and also help you to maintain a record of it. It will help you not to miss out on your regular workouts.

2.Before workouts, warm up:

Due to shortage of time, ignorance, or simply laziness, some people do not go for a warming up before the workouts. It is important to go in for a warming up to ensure the safety of all the major joints and muscles. It will protect against any injuries during workouts.

Warm up also help to speed up the flow of blood into the quads before you start doing the exercises. The best way to warm up is walking, jogging, swimming, biking, running or dancing. You can also have a warm up on a treadmill.

The warm up can be of five to seven minutes which will intensify you and make you sweat. Moreover, it will help to increase the effectiveness of the exercise and help to boost the muscles and make them flexible.

3.Put up a picture of the legs and thighs you have been dreaming in your room:

Put up a picture of your favourite actress or dancer whose perfect thighs, legs and butt you have been adoring in your room at a location which is always visible. It may be your dressing room, working table or the fridge. This will help you not to forget your goal and will keep you always motivated to achieve it. A much better option will be to make a collage of all your great sets and keep it in front while you are doing your workouts. This will help you to be focused always.


After warming up, it is time for a good workout. Any workout which targets the muscles and hamstrings will help you to get a slim and beautiful shape. Most effective exercises for this are lunges and step ups. Work them out with one leg at a time. It creates proper strength and balance between the legs and thighs. It will make your weak legs stronger. But until now there is a better idea to keep flexible and fit introducing the MoonsurferThe Moonsurfer

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