There are many factors that can cause arthritis pain, and these causes can differ for each individual. In most cases, joint arthritis is the damage to tissues and area around the joints, with the inflammation causing redness and swelling. There are numerous ways available for the sufferers of arthritis to manage the condition and a few are mentioned here.

Joint arthritis sufferers experience unbearable pain due to the stress on the joints and the pressure that develops on them over time. Many people suffering from arthritis have been known to become stressed or depressed due to the pain, with the additional inconvenience of being unable to perform daily activities as normal.

While sufferers of joint arthritis have the option of taking pain relievers to manage the symptoms, there are those who cannot afford the cost of these medicines or experience some form of side effects requiring them to avoid medication. Also, some patients of arthritis are of the belief that medication is more harmful, and the ideal way to deal with the pain is to improve lifestyle.

A few simple changes to the daily lifestyle can help joint arthritis patients to manage their symptoms and the pain. Here are some of those changes:

• Since joint arthritis ends up causing stiffness in the affected joint, the ideal remedy is to increase movement and get more exercise. this may not sound like a good idea when you first think about it, but make sure you start slowly and work up to longer and harder exercises. While this does not mean brisk walking or running, simple exercises that help with the movement of the joint will keep it from worsening the condition.

• Ensure that your joints get rest. This is especially important for those sufferers of arthritis who are involved with the lifting of heavy items. One must exercise great care, and give rest to the affected joints, instead of putting too much pressure on them.

• Individuals suffering from joint arthritis should be careful of their body weight and manage control over it. This is important as weight is carried by the joints and additional stress on the infected regions can cause severity in the conditions as well as pain. Shedding excess weight through a managed diet and exercise should help control the symptoms of joint arthritis.

• Understand the use of heat and cold application. Joint arthritis sufferers should use a combination of the two methods to help improve their condition. The heat helps in relaxing the affected muscle, while the cold pressure or compression helps in numbing the pain. However, one thing should be taken care of; the application should be in moderation so the skin temperature can return to normal.

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