You don't have to order one of those expensive fitness programs off late night infomercials to stay young and healthy. In fact, many of those DVD sets and cheaply made fitness tools are ineffective when it comes to actually toning up the body and keeping it limber and flexible with age. If you are concerned with your youthful looks and want to ensure that you don't start to sag and jiggle, you are better off to create your own anti-aging fitness plan.

When you create your own plan you can honestly assess your ability and willingness to actually follow through with every element of the plan. It is pointless to commit to a program that doesn't fit your life or personality because obviously it isn't going to last long term. Design your own plan and you can create goals and lifestyle habits that work for you now and in years to come. The following components of an anti-aging fitness plan are designed to get you thinking in the direction of healthy lifestyle changes that will keep you young, youthful and beautiful.

Strength Training No matter what else you do in your daily life, every anti-aging fitness plan must include some routine form of strength training. If heavy weightlifting is not appealing to you, think of using lighter weights with high repetitions as a way of developing more lean muscle mass so your body burns more fat between workouts. This will not make you bulky and oversized, but will pump up your metabolism and drastically increase the calories you burn daily.

Strength training can even be performed with stretch bands or your own body weight. Think of pushups, sit ups, pull ups, and a variety of other floor based exercises that strengthen the body. Endurance Training Increasing your cardiovascular fitness is also important, but you don't have to spend hours each week running in place on a treadmill. Many people do enjoy getting out for a walk or jog a few times a week and that will work, but you can also incorporate dance and other enjoyable activities into your life.

Try to keep your cardio workouts to less than an hour at a time and increase your intensity as much as possible. If you are not challenging your body and pushing a bit out of your comfort zone than you won't see big improvements in your overall health and cardiovascular fitness.

Relaxation Not many fitness programs for weight loss include relaxation sessions, but if your goal is anti-aging benefits rather than weight loss this is a critical component of your plan. Try to pick up at least one of the following practices to relax your mind and body and take off stress which contributes to aging:

* Tai Chi

* Yoga

* Pilates

* Meditation

Yoga is an excellent way to release pressure because there are a variety of different forms, some that are very meditative and relaxing and others that are more physically intensive and physically challenging. When you learn to incorporate the deep breathing techniques that naturally fit with yoga you will get the mental and physical benefits of meditation while working out.

If you can incorporate all three of these components to some extent in your daily life you can develop a very effective anti-aging fitness plan that fits your life naturally!


Keeping Fit and Loosing Weight