Let us first find out, what does it actually mean, when we say "happiness" and "health". There might be some misunderstanding floating around. For sure, the happy or unhappy born person doesn't exist, the same it is with the overall health.

To become a happy person can only have to do with yourself. It is a very personal thing, where oneself is always completely cause over all the own actions. A happy person has good relations to others, is helpful and interested, and does most of the things in her life always the correct way. It means, that on her job for example she always takes full responsibility and doesn't let it slide, because of going to parties or staying up too long every other night. Working for a company, she is also interested into its success, even she might more likely already plan to work somewhere else. She is paying her debts on time, but works otherwise at least on a real handling. She doesn't cheat and is pretty honest in all her life situations. Overall we can say, that she does most of the time only good things, and is not taking drugs or alcohol, trying to solve problems.

This person will normally come along great in her life and with others, and even in tough times she doesn't change, and keeps with her good intention always getting through.

Now we look for a definition of health.

The above explanation is already a major contributor also to a good personal health stability. How a person interacts, will definitely determine her overall health condition in the long run. But she also takes full responsibilty about herself and her body, in getting enough sleep, eating good food, taking some exercise time - and she also intakes sometimes additional nutrition, what the body may not always get with the usual food. Like multi-vitamins, minerals, or whatever else is missing. But again - she does not take drugs or alcohol, it doesn't matter from which source it comes.

We all live with the same circumstances, that we have to completely take care about the fact, to not do stupid things sometimes in any of our life situations, and the so called holy person doesn't yet exist. It could be anything, what brings us into troubles - our job, family, friends, credit cards etc. There may always come up situations, where one gets a bit more stressed, upset or depressed. And depending on what it is, what holds a us down, it can keep on being there for a long time, if it does not get resolved. But with all that, the person does not feel as good anymore, even she may not be the cause herself for all these "little daily problems".

What can be done now, to resolve such a miserable situation ?
Now here comes the trick with a vacation. Leave your horrible, depressing environment for any amount of time, whatever you think is correct, to relax, exercise, and enjoy. And then work out, how you will arrange it all in a new way, and how to make it better. Work out, how to change wrong-going responsibilities or relations, getting into the right direction. But if you do not really plan actually doing it, or do it only half-way, it will come back to you - and why ? Just because it is not fully handled, and so it bytes again!

You can start right now! Write down all the Plus-Points in your current situation you can think off, then do the same with all the Minus Points. Work on the plus points and make them stronger. Then write down, what is the actual cause for all the Minus Points, and how you will get those fully handled. Now you can start into a new considered, changing-life plan and become again a much more happy and more healthy person very soon. How to Be Happy [Kindle Edition]