Thousands of people annually experience trauma due to the effect of mental and physical abuse such as physiological and sexual abuses. Most individuals who have suffered from such events will probably undergo crisis such as being over dependent to relationships, sleeping difficulties, lack of self-determination and lose of concentration. However, not all of these people will experience some of these problems if only they can find people to help them heal the psychological trauma. Mental trauma, if not given attention can lead to worse physical and psychological problems like developing addictions and body dysfunctions. Normal people can be able to lead healthy and contented life if their mental state is healthy but if their mind is cluttered with mental pain he or she will continue to experience drastic events which may lead to depression.

Hypnotherapy as a way to get contact with the subconscious

When it comes to these kinds of situations, hypnotherapy is one of the most recommended solutions to help individuals recover and get back to their normal state of life. Basically, the subconscious part of the mind is the one that dictates a person’s way of thinking, actions, and feelings so if only the subconscious mind can be focused to continue thinking in the normal state all the things that he kept in his mind will help him get back to clear thinking again if ever crises dawn on him. There are some who look at the subconscious as the part of the mind which often brings out the worst in a person probably because they think this part remains a mystery in our consciousness. On the contrary, however, delving into the subconscious is actually the last resort that can help bring back a person’s normal state of mind by clearing it with negative thinking and deep-seated issues.

How Hypnotherapy works

Hypnotherapy is considered as one of the most effective treatments to solve emotional and physical problems because through it a patient can have communication with his subconscious through the application of trance by the hypnotherapist. Unlike what other people believe that when we go into a trance we can be controlled by the hypnotists, with hypnotherapy we are also subjected into a trance but stay attached with the outside world. Once already in state of trance, all of our attention will be directed to the source that is causing their problem. Hypnotherapists help their patients to reach a relaxed state and then focus on the subconscious by giving suggestions and alternative solutions to achieve positive change. When a person is in a trance, they are more susceptible to follow but still can understand suggestions and by continuously doing this the subconscious mind will be conditioned and refreshed. Also in hypnotherapy, people have the option to focus on positive feelings and memories only so that phobias and traumas can be easily gotten over with. When it comes to moderating pain and other uncomfortable sensations, hypnotherapy can also cause some changes in the body by targeting pain receptors so that unwanted feelings such as pain are decreased. In summary, hypnosis helps the subconscious by providing it with perceptions that a person may want to feel.

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