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Simple Health Exercises To Do Behind Your Front Door
Phillip Skinner

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By Phillip Skinner
Published on 04/1/2009

What are we doing? Behind this Green Door what’s this secret were keeping? There's a master of body mind movement inner core training active balance seminars coach Dennis Bartram teaching his master movements behind his green door studio (Green Door Green Book).

Do you know how to exercise from home or office behind your front door?  Well this is easy shared here at simple health exercises by subscribing to this RSS feed we will share these life time learned practices that are ongoing towards Ageless-Agility-Abilities by regular updates and visual presentations. Don't know about you yet but what are you doing on a daily basis that is fun to achieve the daily body maintenance workout habit.

Whats Behind This Green Door
STRESS IS HITTING PEOPLE IN The Way They Walk In All Walks Of Life!  ...

So Turn Your Speakers UP Right Now! Before You Read This Page?
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Stress is hitting people in their walking ways by suffering pain in the knees pain in the hips, if this sounds like you so you owe it to your self to do something about this don’t wait till it gets worse take action today get into this easy to get addicted full on exercise program the cost is nothing compared to the cost to your agility if you done join in and twist your self back into good flexibility agility

This my knowledge led to an understanding of two primary ways people sustained injury. This information led to a new understanding of the way we use our bodies and set ourselves up for many strains and injuries.

People primarily hurt themselves in one of two ways.

1.    They were fully warmed up, and in the heat of play, would pull a muscle in a simple action, much to their surprise.


2.    They would crick their necks or “put their backs out”, NOT lifting sacks of potatoes or pushing cars, but making beds or picking up pencils or some other simple action.

The Reason

Their body/mind integration was out of tune.

In other words their innate unconscious protective minds were not focused and integrated on the particular motion and muscles were allowed to get into a position, not supported by other muscles and, through leverage allowed to be overloaded.

This bias of attitude or structural incompetence affects the limbic balancing system.  This in turn affects the symmetry of energy that runs the bodily systems.  Our posture and structure have to make adaptions to this body-mind stress pattern.

This leaves the muscles and joints susceptible to injury or strain.  At this stage you are an accident waiting to happen.

This results in the majority of strains and aches of the muscular/skeletal system that we suffer as humans.

These problems not corrected, cause inflammation around joints which leads to Rheumatism, Arthritis and Fibrositis that cost millions of lost work days, millions of pounds of pain relief drugs and many hours of pain, misery and lost sleep.

The brain receives information from its environment through its five sensory channels, namely: - Sight, Smell, Taste, Hearing and Touch.
This feedback is dealt with by a small primitive brain called the limbic brain.  It interprets and adjusts body balance via this reflex feedback system to move and survive.

With this incoming information, many thousands of adaptions take place on a moment to moment basis.

Limbic brain and neck muscles upright orientation, balance and movement, all necessary survival tools or skills.  Unconscious competence works through your limbic system.
Information from the fine senses feeds into the limbic brain for spatial balance, awareness and survival.  Two sets of neck muscles also directly link into this survival mechanism.

Picture This
These neck muscles, the sterno-cleido mastoids and the upper trapezius are the primary head turning muscles.

They are in counterbalance with each other at rest to maintain a balanced level of the eyes and the spirit level mechanism of balance in the inner ears.  These neck muscles and the limbic system form an integral part of the bodies balance system both at rest and on the move.
This movement of the body utilising arms and legs is known as gait facilitation.  This integration of brain sense and body movement is unique to humans.

If you cut a cat’s spinal cord below the head it will still exhibit gait facilitation if put on a walking treadmill.  This demonstrates that it is a spinal reflex function as opposed to a higher thinking or sense as in the human.

 Two researchers called FUNAKOSHI and AMANO also demonstrated a neurological link with the head on neck receptors and the muscles of mastication in the jaw.
The tonic neck reflexes are our earliest development of balance and influence the baby until about 3 months old.  The eyes then become integrated and become the dominant sense for balance.

An Exercise Physiologist's View

The research showing no increased risk of getting knee arthritis among older exercisers rings true with his clinical experience, says Richard T. Cotton, an exercise physiologist and wellness coach who serves as a spokesman for the American Council on Exercise.

"People who have made it to their 50s without knee problems tend to be OK,'' he says. To minimize the risk of problems, however, Cotton tells exercisers to increase their exercise distance very gradually, then increase speed, rather than both at once.

Good workout shoes matched to your activity -- walking, jogging, aerobics, or hiking -- are crucial, he says. "Don't wear them to mow the lawn or go to the mall," he says. Save them for the exercise activity.And replace them every 3-6 months if you are exercising regularly, he says.

And last but not least a big thank you to the late great Roy Orbison for putting a skip in our steps from more than one of his many tracks

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