Some of the things that concern aging women are health problems like osteoporosis and arthritis. But, most are also concerned about the way that they look, as time goes by. If that sounds like you, here are a few suggestions that will help keep you looking good. These are in no particular order of importance. They are all worthwhile.

1. Get plenty of rest. Sleeping well can help you look and feel better, too. There is even some evidence that people, who get a good night’s sleep, are less likely to be overweight or obese. It probably has to do with hormones produced during sleep and others that are produced when the body is not well rested.

2. Sleep on your back or invest in an anti-wrinkle pillow. Sleeping on your back prevents fluids from gathering under your eyes and it may help prevent tiny lines (crow’s feet) at the corners of your eyes. Using a good night cream is important, too.

3. Choose your skincare products carefully. Since the skin is more easily damaged as we age, it is important for aging women (and men) to choose mild cleansers and use moisturizers on a regular basis. You cannot over-moisturize, as long as you choose natural plant-based oils, similar to the skins own. Avoid lotions and creams containing petrolatum, because it has a tendency to clog the pores and may interfere with the natural rejuvenation processes.

4. If you exfoliate, be gentle. Harsh exfoliating ingredients will cause redness and underlying inflammation, which contributes to an aged appearance. As an alternative to exfoliating, you can use a deep cleansing mask a couple of times per month. It will do as much to keep your pores cleaned out, but there is no risk of damage.

5. Increase your body’s antioxidant status. It is very important for aging women and men to focus on their nutritional intake. The body’s absorption of nutrients may slow down with age. People sometimes lose their appetites, too. So, you need to make sure that the foods you eat are nutrient-rich and take a good nutritional supplement on a daily basis. The nutrients that are of the greatest importance to the skin’s health and appearance are antioxidants. By eating more antioxidant rich foods and by using creams that contain antioxidants, you can help reduce the free radical damage that is a major cause of illness and wrinkles.

6. Avoid simple processed carbohydrates, including white bread, white rice, white sugar and most kinds of pasta. These carbohydrates are bad for aging women and young people, too. Too many of them in the diet cause glycation, which is a cause of age-related and degenerative diseases, as well as wrinkles.

7. Relax. Stress is bad for your body, your appearance and your mind. If you are not currently doing so, consider taking a yoga or tai chi class. Being physically active will reduce your stress levels, your risk of osteoporosis and heart disease and give your skin a youthful glow. Join the many aging women that are looking and feeling good in their 70s, 80s and 90s. Try these suggestions and learn more about the best skincare products. It’s worth your while.

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