Various syndromes could cause pain in the hands and thanks to infrared therapy this could now be a thing of the past for you. If you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Motion Syndrome or Raynaud's Syndrome, you may experience numbness, arthritic pains as well as muscle and joint pain in your hands and wrists. New natural therapy energy gloves provide relieve of these symptoms and many other musculoskeletal complaints caused by lack of natural infrared light.

People suffering from hand problems often battle to open jars, hold objects and generally just struggle to perform everyday tasks. Many people suffer from chronic pain and stiffness of their hands that undermine their confidence. They find it very frustrating to have to ask for help and to always have to depend on others to perform basic tasks.

Far infra therapy is a very effective treatment for conditions presenting in the hands. The far infra light penetrates the tissues of your hands gently to revitalize minute nerves, blood vessels and capillaries. This invisible far infrared light originates from the sun and is therefore natural and the body's cells absorb the lights easily. This is called resonance absorption.

Other benefits of far infra therapy for your hands include increased circulation and faster blood flow. Blood vessels and capillaries are rejuvenated and nerves restored. Your fingers will no longer be stiff and joints less painful. Your hands will also warm up quicker and stay warm longer during cold winter months. Softer skin, stronger nails, more flexibility and increased grip in your hands make far infra therapy worth a try!

The sun emits far infrared therapy rays that are not visible to the human eye, but have such incredible healing properties. Whilst sun exposure lets us reap these benefits free of charge, the Ultraviolet Rays speed up the aging process and causes other damage including cancer. Due to this, we don't get the benefit of far infrared therapy by sunbathing. One way you might benefit from this is through saunas. Sauna benefits may be similar to this.

We are not exposed to natural far infra light in beneficial wavelengths of 4-14 microns due to pollution, smog and high-rise buildings that block the vital far infra therapy rays. Radioactive waves and electronic pollution prevent the body from absorbing the vital far infra therapy rays.

Research has found that light causes changes in the body's hormonal balance. Light rays can be converted into electrochemical impulses that are sent to glands that stimulate the production of hormones that are distributed via the central nervous system to the cells. This causes a multitude of reactions that are manifested in our behaviour. Light plays an essential role in the effective functioning of the endocrine system.

Infrared therapy is also sometimes called photo therapy, light therapy, infrared light therapy, LED therapy or Pulsed Light therapy (IPL).

Much research and clinical trials have been performed to establish the efficacy and safety of infrared therapy. Infrared therapy has been proven to not only improve circulation and assist in pain relieve, but also to ease symptoms of conditions resulting from bad circulation, including chronic wounds and numbness and pain. - Conquering Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Click Here!