Simple Health Exercises -
Two Simple Solutions to Sleep Loss
Samuel Peterson
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By Samuel Peterson
Published on 01/21/2010
It won’t be wrong to say that life nowadays has become quite a race Every one is running at their best pace to achieve something or the other, be it professionally or personally What Happens When You Sleep?

There are several stages in the sleep cycle which repeat throughout the night. As we drift off to sleep our brainwaves begin to slow down into what is known as alpha waves.This is gently relaxed state, similar to the state you are in when you drift off in your thoughts and a re 'miles away'. It is also the state that you drift into if you meditate. 

What Happens When You Sleep?
It won’t be wrong to say that life nowadays has become quite a race. Every one is running at their best pace to achieve something or the other, be it professionally or personally. Such a pattern might be making people successful in life, but it has its own baggage like tension, frustration, stress etc. Making sleep fly out of the window is one of the worst parts of this hectic and complex lifestyle! And these very “sleepless nights” give rise to a host of diseases and conditions like high blood pressure, sugar and many other medical and stress related ailments. A good night’s sleep is extremely essential to help you bounce back and give you the required vitality to meet the world everyday. Sleep charges your body, and if you are unable to sleep then you must make some changes in your lifestyle. A change in your daily pattern of activities will definitely help you in fighting sleep loss, and you can start the next day on a fresh note. Let us take a look at some of these changes that you need to incorporate in your lifestyle.

Proper exercise  It has been noticed that exercise is the first thing that usually takes a backseat when a person gets busy in life. Time constraints and hectic schedules usually come in the way of exercising. But you should realize that you don’t have to necessarily join a gym to get a good workout. Sometimes, simple changes in your daily routine will help you in getting adequate exercise. Try to put in as many physical activities possible in your day to day life. You can take stairs instead of elevators, and walk around to complete your errands instead of driving. You can also make time for a walk in the morning, evening or night. You could even go for a swim. And if you have time for nothing, then at least fit in 10 minutes of spot jogging whenever possible. A static and stable lifestyle needs to be spruced up with physical activity. You might be mentally exhausted but unless your body feels tired, you won’t feel sleepy. Therefore, exercise is important for you to fight sleep loss.

Eating the right meal at the right time We all know the importance of a well balanced diet; it gives the body all the basic vitamins, proteins, minerals which in turn help your body to get proper sleep. But what is equally important is the timing of your meals. Ideally you should be taking six meals a day at proper intervals. Your last meal should be at least two hours before you hit the bed. If you go to sleep right after a heavy meal, in most probability you will have a tough time getting sleepy. Your body needs to get some time between your last meal and the time you go to sleep, to prepare itself. It is quite a task to feel sleepy on a heavy stomach. Also, dinner should not comprise of a heavy meal, it should be light. Therefore, a well balanced meal eaten at the right time will definitely help you in getting a nice sleep. You could even try taking a hot glass of milk every night before getting into bed, this helps in aiding soundless sleep.- Simple Health Exercises to Better Sleep Better