Imagine this ... you can eat what you like to eat without breaking all the killing yourself by using the rule of (everything in moderation body/mind rules) right now has this got your attention you betcha it has? ... In all these years of following Dennis Bartram's pathway to better age-agility-ability ... by owning a copy of his book Active Balance Health Through Integration 1989 edition.

Now twenty years later I've suddenly picked up this book once again and seen its content through different eyes ... my inner wisdom eye! within this mind set to use as my flexibility guide book and have taken my favorite snippets and materialized them into my daily routine which I do on a daily basis at least once but normally 3 times a day because its fun it works and its easy to implement into my time management, my daily bizzy busy schedule.

Ok now you understand this content isn't just about me its about how you to can live a life of not constantly looking and straining your eyes and patience viewing all the calorie count food information you are about to enter into you mouth by using this simple powerful formula I will share with you here at this website.

Starting from my waking up first thing in the morning I don’t just jump out of bed I lay for a while on my back with my hands joined fingers interlocked coupling my head from behind as if to float my skull from behind then in a figure of eight lemniscate movement see PDF Here

You will know when your times up doing this wake up exercise it only takes around 5 to 10 minutes then it’s a cup of hot water with two teaspoons of lemon honey stirred in I take this to my bathroom to drink while I read a book this is my best and only time to really concentrate most information for this twenty minutes or so really sinks in.

Then it’s on to my Master Disk this is the main exercise tool in the simple health exercises training set and is used in almost all body conditioning and toning exercises, the master disk is made from solid wood and is sturdy and durable, just like a expensive piece of furniture and can be used and suitable for any age group.

I do 100 repetitions hip motions I can do this with ease because this if fun, it gets results and best of all strengthens the core muscles that also help to eliminate toxins all within these easy twisting side to side moves, I have also developed videos with Dennis Bartram of utilizing this disc into other movements we designed to help folks who sit at there computers a lot and end up with knee pain which I will share at a later date so stay tuned use the orange syndication button for this RSS feed then you will be kept in this loop when this page is updated.  

Until then get used to drinking plenty of water

Victor Schauberger a natural scientist describes it in the following way: “Were water actually what hydrologist deem it to be – a chemically-inert substance-then a long time ago there would already have been no water and no life on this Earth. I regard water as the blood of the Earth. Its internal process, while not identical to that of our blood, is nonetheless very similar.

It is this process that gives water its movement. I would compare this inner motion, the origin of all possible physical movement, to that of a blossoming flower bud. As it unfolds, it creates a vortex-like crown of petals, in the centre and at the end of which stands the true secret of motion-life in statu nascendi, in the form of a concentration of movement”.

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