Why do I hurt?

When we touch a hot object our hand retracts quickly.  This is called a reflex action.  The nerves in the finger send a message to the spinal cord, the message is returned, pull away.  Reflexes can be inhibited by higher intelligence in the brain.  For example, if our dinner were on the plate we would tolerate the heat until we found a safe place for the food.

But normally, reflexes are not inhibited and form part of our life preserving system.  This system is at work all our lives protecting us from harm.

Reflexes can also be dulled by certain action.  Our taste reflex is such a one.   We often eat foods that occasionally would be tolerated by the body.  But when eaten, frequently numb the reflex from making us aware of it potential harm.  Sometimes we eat foods that are a shock to the system and activate this reflex action.  An extreme form of this would be the vomit reflex.

But more often the reflex activated is chemical as in massive production and release of insulin when we eat refined foods.  Refined foods can by-pass several hours of digestion, so the sugar content of the food is released too quickly and in too great amounts.  The body has to produce large amounts of insulin to balance this out.  If we continue to shock or abuse the body in this way, this reflex becomes exhausted.

The next stage of defence is to trip out the reflex at its spinal connection until it heals and resets naturally.  The small muscles become spasmed and the vertebrae rotate abnormally.  This will also cause an adaption of the sacrum (centre of gravity).  If we did not eat the offending food for a while the body can, in most cases, re-adjust itself to normal.  But sometimes this needs to be corrected by adjustment to the muscle joint and centre of gravity.  Once the damaged to the area has been corrected it is up to us to keep it that way with the knowledge gained in detecting the cause of our problem.

If a food has the potential to overload the spinal reflex it will also cause a temporary change in reflex biofeedback testing of the muscles.  This can be tested without actually swallowing the food, as refined foods will start to digest in the mouth sending the messages to the spinal reflex to prepare for digestion.  If they are intolerant they will temporarily overload the reflex and cause a change in reflex muscle testing.  If we continue to eat these foods that change will remain, thus making us structurally vulnerable to stress and strain.

Once the spine has been misaligned and needs to be reset there are several approaches you can take.

Chiropractors and Osteopaths have been adjusting spines for many years using thrust or leverage type adjustments.  Using the principle of positioning by putting the origin and insertions of the muscle together, a more gentle approach can be achieved.  This is not intended as a replacement for therapy but is a safe method that many times gives relief and allows re-alignment of the spine.

Before working on the spine in this way always do the Active Balance Integration Exercises and then follow up with the modified horse stance or Ancients Squat. Go Here and Discover all the Tools & Training You Need To BUILD YOUR BODY FROM YOUR CORE!

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