If you ever suffered from acid reflux, then you should know that there is diet for acid reflux, those consist of only healthy foods, which are those that are not going to aggravate your condition. Bear in mind that everyone has different conditions, thus result may vary to different people.

What is the Best Diet for Acid Reflux Sufferers?
Similar with any other healthy diets, diet for acid reflux should contain fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, wholegrain breads and cereals, and lots of fiber. Non-acid fruits are good for your stomach, like apple, banana, watermelon and others.

Besides eat healthy food, you should also ensure that you drink enough water, at least 8 glasses a day if you increase your intake of fiber. Drinking more water will prevent you from constipation.

Do not forget to consume milk in your diet. Milk can help by calming and coating the stomach. The most beneficial is to have a glass or two of milk right before sleep, because this is when acid reflux and heartburn tend to strike most often. Although it is only a temporary solution, many people believe that drinking milk is one of the most effective solutions for cooling your stomach.

Do and Do Not in Diet for Acid Reflux
There are some foods that you should eat in a reflux diet, and there are also some that you should avoid.

You should avoid spicy foods and eating any citrus fruits because all of these may irritate your stomach. Drinking coffee as well will often create more of a problem with acid reflux sufferers, so refrain from drinking them or at least if you do, make sure that you do it in a right dose.

Besides what to eat, you should pay attention also to when and how you should be eating. It is typically best to eat five or six smaller meals a day rather than three larger, because this way your body will be able to more easily digest the food and therefore not as much acid will be created in your body.

Avoid Fatty Meals When You Are in Acid Reflux Diet
Avoid meals containing high fat especially fast food, because these foods will stay in your stomach longer and as a result it will need for more stomach acid in order to digest them.

No Alcohol Consumptions
Diet for acid reflux will need you to avoid or at least limiting your alcohol consumptions because alcohol potentially makes you suffer from reflux.

You can join a gym, buy and practice fitness DVDs, play golf, swimming or even just jogging around your neighborhood to burn your calories and keep you healthy.

Manage Positions
You should manage your body by maintaining an upright position during and immediately after eating. Stay calm after eating, especially if you have a heavy meal.

It also suggested for you to elevate your head while you are sleeping, since it makes you breath well and it helpful as well.

See Your Doctor
Before joining diet for acid reflux, it is required that you consult with your doctor, so he/she can assess your condition and give you medical advice as well as medication, if necessary. Doctor can also determine whether more serious action should be taken.

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