While belly fat is very unsightly and causes you to wince when you look in the mirror, it is also bad for your health. This latter fact comes from medical research discoveries that abdominal fat can increase risk for heart disease, diabetes, even certain types of cancer.

The researchers studied both men and women with a high level of belly fat. They discovered that the women had a 48% greater chance of developing colon cancer; the men had a 39% greater chance.

These facts give great incentive for everyone to make a strong effort to shed their belly fat. They will look better and be healthier as a result.

What do most experts say are the major causes of belly fat? Answer: (1) the stresses of today's go-go lifestyle, and (2) the poor daily eating habits of today's consumer.

We all suffer daily stress of some sort. It may be a job stress where our workdays are filled with heavy workloads.It may also be financial stress caused by an income that is not sufficient to handle the monthly bills we face. Or, maybe the combination of workload and financial stress is causing family relationships to break down...money problems and time pressures are a frequent destroyer of family harmony.

Stresses such as these, plus the many other types of common stress, will cause our body to release a hormonal combination of adrenaline, cortisol, and insulin. High cortisol levels are associated with greater appetite and fat production. This kind of fat typically heads straight for the belly area.

What about our poor eating habits? Think about the average working person's daily meals. Breakfast, if consumed at all, is often a bagel and coffee wolfed down as we head out the door. No positive nutrition here. The other two meals are often a lunch of fast food followed by a supper of supermarket purchased, prepackaged meals. Both these choices are not offered for sale for their nutritional value but for the dollar profit they can add to the sellers' bottom line. Thus the tummy might feel full, but lack of nutritional value causes the meals to be fat creators, and not energy and lean body producers.

Armed with this insight into belly fat creators, we need to look at the most efficient belly fat destroyer. Yes, you can access and learn the secrets of flattening your belly as well as slimming your hips, thighs, buttocks, winged arms and waistline.

Many new medical and academic studies are discovering the secrets of weight and fat loss. Forget all the TV ads you see promoting machines, meetings of fellow suffers, and prepackaged meals delivered to your door for as long as your budget allows. None of these have worked long term...they just increase the profits of their promoters.

The real secret lies in a well-presented, science-based diet plan that strips the fat off in intelligent and proven ways over the long term. And the plan's step-by-step approach changes your lifestyle from fat gaining to slim and healthy.

Burn Off Belly Flab While You Sleep? (Learn This Trick) As your lifestyle changes, your image reflected in the mirror will be more and more pleasing to your eyes. Your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and colon cancer will greatly decrease. You will move into the life and body you have always wanted.

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