With the p90x ruling the roost among home based fitness products, a lot of other fitness experts have come up with great and innovative ideas to make your workout appear much more fun than you would have normally considered it. Hip hop abs fitness routine is one such routine, that’ takes a detour from the norm and helps you in overcoming the boredom while performing your workout routine. As the name suggests, hip hop abs fitness routine is based on a simple theory- dancing to the tunes of hip-hop music to in a way that targets you abdominal muscles and helps in strengthening and toning the most problematic muscle group in the human body.

Hip hop abs actually flips the whole concept of working out your abs. The conventional method of achieving rock hard abs, perfectly sculpted to give your body a ripped look typically revolve around painful crunches, often involving a lot of boring repetitions. Another drawback of the original crunch method is that it would take months, if not years of hard work and dedication to achieve any visible results around your abdominal regions. Finally, it takes a lot to maintain the results and you might have to be very particular about your diet plan for the rest of your life, or at least, till the time you want your abs to look sexy and in-shape. The reason why the hip hop abs fitness has been so successful in the past is that it has actually been the most innovative abs workout routine in the recent past.

Now, what sets the hip hop abs fitness routine apart from the rest is that it absolutely sets the mood by engaging you in enthralling music and killer dance steps. This is also the reason why most people find it more interesting, entertaining and engaging than a lot of other workout routines. Consisting of four main body workouts, the hip hop abs fitness routine guarantees results within weeks of you’re getting into the groove. The main exercise routines of this system consists of the ‘secret to flat abs’, ‘ab sculpt’, ‘cardio burn’ and the ultimate killer plan- ‘the total body burn’.



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The secret to flat abs routine is one of the most elementary routines and is also one of the most fun to do and effective ones. It targets the upper abs and the oblique region with its engaging dance moves and great background music to groove on to. This is a short, but effective routine, lasting for about 15 minutes. After this workout, you can move to the cardio burn workout routine, which is one hell of a cardiovascular workout that should in essence last for 30 minutes in order to remain effective. Finally, to top your workout routine, you can end with the total body burn routine, which is designed in a way that it renews and relaxes your muscles. It acts as a cool-down routine, while working effectively to tone your upper body muscles in addition to the abdominal muscles.