Lean abs are what everyone is after these days. To top that, there are hundreds, if not thousands of abs workout routines in the market today. Some routines require you to follow stringent diet plans, like the Atkins’ diet, while some are an extreme version of the tried and tested weight loss methods, such as the p90x. Some novice methods have been developed over the past few years and these methods imbibe newer methods to loose weight, especially around the abdominal region. The hip hop abs workout routine is one such method that focuses on eliminating, tightening and strengthening abdominal muscles, especially along the obliques and the lower abdominal region. Hip hop abs workout focuses around muscle tension in the abdominal region and the dance moves are designed to give you the maximum effect in the abdominal region.

The hip hop dance moves are so designed that they are not only effective, rather, they are also enjoyable and are designed in such a way that you would never feel bored doing them. Apart from the initial workout dance routines prescribed in the original hip hop abs workout system, you can check out some power workout.

The fat burning cardio 2 workout system is one hell of a system that actually lets you burn a lot of calories, loose pounds of weight and improve your measurements, especially around the waist region. This forty minute workout helps you burn your calories, owing to some inquisitive dance forms that have been introduced in this workout. This routine solves more than one weight loss problems, and is supposed to be very effective to counter heart diseases. Another reason why the cardio 2 is of utmost importance is that it prepares a newbie to prepare himself for the more stringent and strenuous routines. This exercise is basically a building block upon which one builds up his or her fitness level.

The abs sculpt 2 is supposed to be the next level of fitness when it comes to the hip hop abs workout routine. It is a more strenuous version of workout, but the video in which it is presented actually showcases this rather strenuous health routine in a more entertaining way. The dance steps presented in this routine work in a tandem to your upper and lower bodies and tend to tighten your core abdominal muscles. The results you would achieve are phenomenal and the best part is that you would not have to the painful crunches or the sit ups.

Once you have got into the groove with the abs sculpt 2, it is time for you to graduate to the total body burn 2. As the name suggests, total body burn 2 aims at working out the complete body. The dance moves are so made that while you perform them, you end up working out each and every muscle of your body, with a special focus on the abs. This workout is bound to give you a killer physique and the results would be evident in only a few weeks from the point you would have started this routine.

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