Abdominal Exercises Get in Shape at Home I am not one to get out of the house and spend time at the gym or fitness center. What I wanted to do was to get in shape at home. Maybe once I was in shape I might venture out to the gym once in a while just to show off but to start with I wanted to stay at home. I did a number of things at my home workout routine including a six pack ab exercise or maybe I should say a number of 6-pack abs exercises.

I basically did two things once I made my mind up to lose my belly fat and get a flat stomach. Again, I wanted to get in shape at home so I had to figure out where and how I was going to do it. Not always easy if you do not have the space or the home gym equipment. But I was able to do it because I found a great program to point me in the right direction starting with making my mind up. Here are the two things I implemented.

I decided on my exercise routine. This is a necessary. If we do not have a plan we will fail every time. I know it can be a huge elephant to eat if we try to do it all at once. But even the largest elephant can be polished off if we take one bite at a time. Once you get your routine of exercises, and it does not have to be a lot just a well rounded routine, you need to begin at a moderate pace. Do not try to lose it all in two days. It will take weeks and months to get in shape at home or anywhere else for that matter. I purchased an exercise ball and put up a pull-up bar in the garage and followed a great program I found on the Internet and did one specific six pack ab exercise daily. I did not do all my exercise routine daily because we need to rest the muscles too but this one I did daily. It is called the plank and all you do is get into a push up pose leaning on your forearms and on your toes. Try to hold that position as long as you can and if you get past two minutes you are doing great.

I also decided to watch my nutrition. Yes, along with exercise you need to watch what you are eating. This nutritional and exercise program I got online has a fantastic section on the kinds of foods to eat and the ones to stay away from. So I just began to change the way I ate and actually started to see the effects of my changed eating habits in just a couple of days.

The Best Abdominal ExercisesThe Best Arm Exercises My energy was better and I felt better than I had for years. Eating fat is not the problem we all need fats in our system the key is knowing which fats to eat and which ones to stay clear of. If you want to get in shape at home then watch what you eat.

Well the length of time to get in shape at home might take longer than if you were to hire a personal trainer and spend your days at the gym but it does not have to take any longer. However, you will have to make your mind up and get motivated to get it done.