Obesity is a growing concern world wide but in Britain the Government believe they have a right to advise the country on diet. For example the Health Ministers want Britons to have lessons on how to eat fruit and vegetables, encouraged to move more and live longer.

Americans do not walk or cycle as much as they should however, they have greater distances to travel to get to shops and schools. So it is understandable why they can not walk or cycle to work or school, compared to Europeans who do cycle and walk a lot, except the British who do not. Even though Britain is a highly densely populated with shops and schools close enough to walk and cycle too, they are not as active as they could be. Britain has now become the fattest nation in Europe.

The Government can not force people to be healthier as it is their own decision to lead a healthier and active lifestyle. However, the British government wants supermarkets to give lessons to the overweight on how to eat fruit and vegetables.

The health minister said some people refuse to eat healthier as they do not know enough about fruit and vegetables. There is a large number of people who do not know how to eat or prepare certain types of vegetables and fruit.

The suggestion now is for supermarkets to give demonstrations on how to prepare healthy meals. Using celebrities to demonstrate how to prepare healthy meals quickly, and effortless for the family for under a tenner or even a fiver.

They are also recommending larger supermarkets to advertise healthier meals and encourage shoppers to buy healthier. Each week have five fruits and vegetables on offer to encourage shoppers to buy.
This is all to help get people interested in eating better and also to encourage them to look after their own health and their family’s health.

School meals are being regulated therefore schools now have to prepare healthier meals and to provide the students with nutritional values of the meals they are eating.

By teaching young people the importance of healthy eating they hope this will encourage them to continue to eat healthily as they get older and look after their health.

Weight is becoming a huge health risk and burden on the health care departments and it is said that life expectancy of people is dropping.
The British government is also considering in the future, for people to be responsible for their own health care. At present they are providing free advice, counseling and surgery, such as gastric bands, to help those who need it, rather than have them become a burden to the Health Care system later on, when they develop other illness related to obesity.

By understanding your body, what foods cause you to gain weight and which ones help you to lose weight, as well as understanding portion size and when to feed your body, will help you in the years to come rather than a quick fix.

Be healthy, not only for yourself, but for your family. Your children will want to have healthy happy parents and enjoy a full lifetime with them. As well, you will want to be able to enjoy your children and even your grandchildren. 

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