Nowadays, the addiction towards smoking pot and smoking cigarettes are considered equal. Many people think that stopping marijuana will create various reactions within the body that are likely to become pathologic and destructive. This is however a common misconception. Marijuana is not physically addictive – unlike other drugs and tobacco cigarettes which contain chemical compounds that induce the addiction itself. The main obstacle in stopping marijuana smoking is due to the unwillingness of the subconscious to give up the habit it has grown accustomed to. Myths and Facts About Marijuana

But this does not imply that it is that easy to stop marijuana smoking. The battle within the mind is as fierce as the battle on an actual battlefield. Addictions that are psychological in nature can be very problematic. A great deal of deep thinking and reflection is required in order to properly pinpoint the actual reasons behind the addiction.

Doing this does not mean to go “cold turkey” – simply ending the habit and relive the time of your life before you started doing marijuana. This so-called “escape” may not be the best idea, or else you will find yourself falling into the same habit again. Worse, you could pick another form of addiction which may defeat the purpose of your “escape”.

Several activities may be advisable in order to fill in the time you usually allot for smoking. The following may help you fill in the empty “gaps” on your schedule as you pursue your goal of quitting:

- Schedule Your Own Quiet Time For Meditation

Meditation is a very effective form of reflection – it allows you to be able to spend quality time with your self. Most often the problem of those who seek refuge in the form of drugs is failure to recognize and accept themselves, their strengths and weaknesses. Meditation fosters a clearer viewpoint on life, and helps relax and exercise the mental faculties. With meditation, the complicated may become simple. It may induce a sensation that may be alike that of taking the drug, but this is the healthy and productive form.

- Busy Yourself With A Rewarding Hobby

Finding a rewarding hobby that would really work for you is another great avenue for filling in the “gaps”. A hobby would then preoccupy your thoughts and allow you to become more productive. There are a lot of hobbies to try out, like drawing, painting, composing, singing – its just up to you to select the one you would not tire of doing. Through hobbies you can also release your emotions and feelings – no need to smoke pot to blow them away!

- Engage In Physical Activity

If you are a person who is fond of exercising, sports may be the right thing for you. Hidden frustrations and feelings will find an outlet through physical activity, unlike smoking which will instead repress them. Engaging in physical activities would allow you to expand your social circle, filling it with people who are also health conscious.

These few tips may help you in your quest for deviation from the marijuana habit. These offer you an added reward of having sound judgment, unlike that when you are doing marijuana. So what are you waiting for? Start filling in the gaps today. You will never regret it.

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