As is the case with the reasons of drug addiction, the results can be equally varied and difficult. There are 2 causes for this. The first surface area of complexity is related the many types in use. E.g., in the United Kingdom there are 3 classes of illegal drugs, such Heroin, cocaine, sacred mushroom*, amphetamines and Cannabis, these being as A, B and C. Extra drugs, conceived judicial, include cigarettes and alcohol. All of these will have differing effectuates.

Secondly, when the effects of drug increase it's to be borne in mind that it's not only the user who's affected. Drug addiction will affect upon the lives of his or her family and upon the broader community. Additionally it will have a harmful economical affect upon organizations such the health service.

Effects on the user
The effects of drug addiction on the user can commonly be identified within 3 main areas. Psychological and mental In the case of almost drugs, the mental effects will include a craving, which is the core factor of the addiction method. However, a few of the solider or stronger dose drugs can lead to extra metal disorders. These can range from anxiety, low pressure and aggressiveness to more harmful preconditions such paranoia, mild schizophrenia, amnesia, depression and neurological disorder*.

Physical and health In conditions of the physical result of drugs, these can vary from vomiting and illness through to bloodline conditions and heart condition. In cases where extra razes of the drug are taken the o.d. can even final result in the death of the addict. This latter result can also be the fate of those who take legal doses such cigarettes and alcohol.

Extra physical signs and effects can include drug related to damage to certain parts of the body such as the nose, transfers in skin and eye conditions and a more amenable level toward basic diseases such colds and flu. Additionally, where no care is taken on how to self administrate the drugs; apply of dirty needles can often lead to the addict contracting the AIDS/HIV virus or like potentially fatal diseases.

Behavioral Part of the behavioral effectuates of drug addiction back-number noted previously, e.g. irritability. However, addict behavior can get even more irrational and uncontrolled. E.g., where there's a deep craving for the drug and low profit to be capable to buy it the addict is likely to turn to theft to raise the cash in they take. The addict may also get withdrawn and suffer major transfers in moods. In the case of a few of the harder drugs, such heroin, addicts can even get violent and physically harm themselves and others.

External Effects Friends and family The user's family and friends are possible to be the first to notification the change in this individual character. The irrational behavior and dramatic climate swings can cause pressure upon family relationship* that could, ultimately, lead to their break. Similarly, if the effect of the increase is that the user loses his or her job this may cause fiscal trouble for the family. An equally serious situation occurs when, if an addict has a habit that they can't afford to fund, theft from family unit and friends occur.

The community Drug addiction also has an essence upon the community. Not only makes this manifest itself in an increment of drug linked crime but it can also produce unhealthiness’ for other members of the community. E.g., the discarding of dose using equipment such needles can nowadays risks, particularly if this are discarded in countries that are used by the public, such as parks and playgrounds. Moreover, as with households community members might find themselves vulnerable from thievery by users who want to monetary fund their addiction.

Economic  Drug addiction
has an enormous economical price to the country and its communities. E.g., in the United Kingdom it was declared by the Health section in February 2008 that drug increase was costing the country 18.8 billion a year ($40 billion). In the U.S. (Leaving out tobacco and alcohol) the price is $181 billion. These prices include policing, treatment for drug addiction and other related prices these prices include policing, treatment for drug addiction and other related prices

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