Simple Health Exercises Resources Staying Fit During the Winter MonthsWith the winter months quickly approaching it is time to start putting together a plan that will help us to stay physically fit throughout the winter months and the holiday season. This is a time of year when many of us put on a few, or more, extra pounds due not only to inactivity resulting from the weather but also due to all those delicious foods that we love to enjoy so much during the holiday season. Following a few simple guidelines and staying active though can help to keep the pounds of and make it much easier to get back in shape when it comes time to start wearing summer clothes again. This winter and holiday season make a pre-New Years resolution to stay in shape and stay healthy throughout the season by following one or more of these steps.

The first thing to do in order to keep those pounds off is stay active throughout the season. There are many ways that you can do this and if you are someone that does not like cold weather but lives in an area where it is common you can find alternatives to typical outdoor winter activities even if you do not have the budget to attend a gym. It is recommended that adults get in 10,000 steps each day which roughly equals approximately five miles. Although treadmills are a bit pricey if you don't wish to walk outside another option for getting in those 10,000 steps each day is buying a more inexpensive stair stepper or a stepping board. You can also use the steps in your own home if you have them but be sure that you are doing so safely in order to avoid any injuries. You can also take into consideration the steps you take throughout the day and can keep track by wearing an inexpensive pedometer. Sit-ups and push-ups as well as aerobic exercise are also beneficial and helpful in keeping off extra weight during the winter as well.

The next best way to keep your weight down is to think consciously about the food and the amounts of the foods that you eat especially when you are attending all of those much loved holiday gatherings. When you are planning to go to a holiday party or even where you know that all the delicious treats of the season will be served try to eat something small that is healthy before you go. By doing this you will allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy small amounts of such treats without being hungry and indulging.

Also, before going Christmas shopping and being out all day and succumbing to the necessity of fast food eat a healthy meal at home. It really doesn't matter what time you go shopping, just eat something healthy and more importantly filling before you leave the house and you will be less tempted to grab something on the go.

Following these two simple rules will ensure that you can keep your weight down this winter and get back into those summer clothes without having to work so hard when the time comes.