Acid reflux is a disease that causes the liquefied content or acid in your stomach to flows back into your esophagus, creating heartburn which is the first symptoms of GERD or Gastro Esophageal. If you only suffer from acid reflux once in a while then there is no serious damages to the stomach, however should it become persistent you should consider visiting your doctor, as there may be an underlying problem to the linings of the stomach that keep the acid in place.

acid reflux symptoms and remedies To help you determine if you really have an acid reflux disease, here are some of the symptoms that you should be aware of:

1) Heartburn – is the first symptoms of acid reflux. It leaves a feeling of burning sensation in the chest after the stomachs acid backflows into the esophagus. There are medications that your doctor can prescribed to ease the discomfort brought by heartburn.

2) Endoscopy – is another way to diagnose the disease. The procedure is bit uncomfortable and unpleasant to experience. Wherein there is a tube that you need to swallow so the doctor can look inside your stomachs linings. This may not be a hundred percent perfect in determining the illness, because sometimes acid reflux does not damage the stomach. Even though, it is positive that you have the diseases.

3) Biopsies – Biopsies are regularly done to check if the problem is not cancer. Then after the test if found negative, then they can now rule cancer out and look for the cause of your problem.

4) Throat and larynx examination – This approach is effective in determining if you have acid reflux or not. If there are inflammations, there is a big possibility that you have the disease.

5) Esophageal testing – Although, the other test can help determine your health status, but only esophageal acid testing is by far the most accurate. The procedure is also a bit tricky and uncomfortable, just like with endoscopy. It entails for a tube to be placed into your nose leading to your esophagus, in which it will remain for 24 hours.

Acid reflux must be treated right away if the symptom becomes frequent. A prolonged treatment can damage the protective lining of your oeasophagus. If you are now suffering from acid reflux or heartburn there are some things that you need to do to as part of the remedies.

To help reduce acid reflux you should be aware of the danger of some of the food you ate and what it can do to your stomach, and also to change your present lifestyle in order to lessen the incident of acid reflux, here are some other suggestion that could help you:

1) The right sleeping position can greatly reduce your chance to experience the unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

2) Elevate your head when sleeping to reduce heartburn while you sleep.

3) Eat smaller meals a day, from your usual meals of 2 -3 times a day; make it 4-6 times in a day instead.

4) Avoid drinking lots of water after a big meal, so you won’t upset your stomach causing it to backflow again.