Suddenly I was getting old, everything hurt. I had often wondered about old age but had never suspected it would be a sudden effect that caused it. Now I knew alright; everything started to ache. I had pains in the bones of my fingers, even in the bones in my forearms. I couldn't lift anything anymore without pain in my elbows and wrists.

From lifting my son's amps around for him when he was doing a gig, I had to admit I couldn't do it anymore. My muscles now no longer used, began to disappear, my strength and my pride went with them.

To cut this depressing story short, a few months later I read about the experiment done with HGH. They said it could restore a man's age back to around thirty years old. Even the most pessimistic reckoned it could take thirty years of my age. Didn't believe a word of it of course but worth a try I thought. I sent off for some.

I did a three month trial and WOW! It all happened for me. In a very short time the pains disappeared and the muscle growth was immediate. Backed up with a surge of new energy that I had nothing else to use it on I began to do exercises. Oh! But there was more, before I had begun to slow down in my walking. Especially in the morning, I would slowly walk to my local shop not 100 yards away. Gradually and not even too gradually I was walking normally and instead of being out of breath and gasping when I arrived I was fine.

"How old are you?" my shopkeeper asked one day. "67" I answered. "Well I want some of what you're on." He joked.

At the end of that three months trial I was running to the shopping center half a mile away and what's more running home again. I was alive again. Oh! And that rheumatic pain, gone for good.

Do I recommend HGH? I can assure you I do. I had tried a great many things before I found HGH but HGH is truly the only thing that has worked. Not only has it worked but it has really worked.

Ill list some of the things that have happened for you, and yes I know it sounds silly but these things are true.

1. My hair started growing back at at it's original color.
2. My strength started returning, quickly.
3. Wrinkles stated to even out and fade as my skin regained it's elasticity.
4. I started to feel good about my self again.

Oh! And just to make it absolutely clear I was using the pill format as well.

I have also heard from a number of friends that it has helped them to. While it is already well known that people with arthritis, who take HGH experience amazing recoveries, I really had not realized previously just how quick those recoveries could actually be.

Look if you are still young, fit and healthy forget it but if your not I thoroughly recommend you give this a try and especially if you are short of breath and have Rheumatic arthritis. This is my story it could be yours.
Tony Palfrey (71)